Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gettin my Mojo in Steinbeck Country...

Almost every day I am graced by the amazing rolling hills just a few miles away that have miles upon miles of dirt paths in which to explore and self reflect. I am always in awe of where I live and never take it for granite. I run in the hills for which John Steinbeck used as his muse in many of his books such as Pastures of Heaven and East of Eden, of Salinas, California., where he himself grew up.

I know a lot of runners do a lot of thinking on their runs, go thru their mental check list for the day, solve many problems etc. For me? I do the same, yet I also remember to stay connected with my surroundings, breathing in the fresh smells of the country side and watching as the sun moves across the hills and sets for the day. There are a few times a year that a sheep herder will guide the sheep where I run. They work feverishly feeding on the grass and taking space along the rolling paths, it is the most incredible feeling to be able to run amongst the sheep, I always feel like I am in another country it is so peaceful and takes you back to the real grass roots of our what is important in life and that there is so much going on around us that goes unnoticed. I feel a sense of Zen as I run and I seem to effortlessly float across the paths and a sense of connection with the universe. It is almost magical and the great thing about it? I get my mojo on AND a great work out!
Thanks Steinbeck for sharing the beauty that surrounds me every morning!

xoxo Mari

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