Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fashion Fall Staples and then some...Staple 2: LEATHER

Whewhoo! I love leather and love the fact that it never really goes out of style, but this season? Its BIG! So for us over 40 or on the cusp of 50...Leather can be tricky if not worn correctly. Its fine to wear a leather skirt, not a mini one, a pencil or A-line that hits just above or below the knee is perfect. And lets no pair it with spiked embellished heels unless you are going in costume, keep it classy, let the skirt do the talking, no need to shout out that you are in the room, believe me, people will notice you. Leather pants? great too, just don't do the whole biker look unless you are with the Hell's Angels and don't mind wondering if you are in a serious mid-life crisis. Again, keep it simple, soften up your look with lace, silk or a really nice cashmere sweater. I still love to feel young, cause gosh darn it, I'm going down with a fight. Age is a number, don't you forget it, live life to the fullest and add some zest to it, like some leather!

                                                                   My Inspiration

Jacket and pants by Urban Outfitters, blouse, necklace and belt by J. Crew, shoes by Caurso and earrings by Anthropologie.
                                     xoxo Mari

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