Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just had to add my two cents...Emmy Red Carpet

Okay so, I am no fashion red carpet glam queen ,but I feel with the years of experience I have had in the industry, I just could NOT keep my big mouth shut on my thoughts of some of the celebs...

Like the celebs below... What were they thinking and who styled them? Fire your stylist!
 What was the stylist thinking? Of Zosia Mamet's boobs?  That is seriously all you notice and the poor thing is just smiling thinking everyone is looking at me I must look fantastic!
 Julianne Hough, you are too pretty and this does absolutely nothing for you. It looked great on the catwalk, but on you? No way.
 As much I think Julianna Margulies is absolutely gorgeous, what was YOUR stylist thinking too? That color does nothing for you, yes you have black hair and you could probably pull it off, but it blends into you skin tone and washes you way out girl. But I love you!
Oh boy...so a pop of color is in, yes that is true, but wow...that is all you notice...where did the rest of you go? Does your stylist not know about colors and what works for your skin tones? sorry Anna Faris

Wow first of all, it does not fit correctly around the hips, secondly, she does look like she is ready to film a sequel to Star Wars, but I thought there were no sequels. sorry, but you did not make the cut.
So the next celebs are just plain boring. Flat out boring. They are gorgeous but boring...
 Uh.. this looks close to a maid of honors dress, but with not bling. Ms. Allison Wilson you are too damn pretty to be mediocre...show off your figure for Pete sakes!
 Zoey, Zoey, Zoey...your stylist got the color right but, this is way too stuffy for you and your personality. Yes, you look beautiful, cuz you could wear a sack and look gorgeous, but really?
 Carrie, this is a striking color purple, very regal as you are, but honey...this dress looks like a boring Prom dress, you too have an amazing figure...where it go?
Emily, hate to tell ya girl, but you look like the Mother of the Bride, not a young and vibrant actress that you are.... Fire your stylist!
Now the next ones...Some good, some not so good....
 Mindy Kaling was stunning! You rocked it girl and you obviously have a great stylist...keep her.
Maria...great body...nice color...you were a hit... you hot momma you! Classy.
 Lena Heady, not liken the white shoes...red maybe...but white? Buuuuut the dress? I liked it... not everyone could pull that off, but I think you did! Nice job!
Paula...where did the boobs go? the color? ugly, the bow? ugly. the huge spread between the chest" wrong. Face and hair...beautiful!
So, like I said, I am not the fashion police...just my personal
red carpet opinion...take or leave it.
xoxo Mari

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