Monday, January 20, 2014

The Year of New Beginnings!

So my New Year's resolution was to make 2014 the year of "New Beginnings", and wow it is just what? 19 days in and I have started off strong!
First, I applied to an on-line Fashion Stylist position, which by the way is so incredible, sooooo the direction fashion and technology are going so I applied of course. Had a one-way interview which I just saw my face on the computer answering  questions for the interview....felt really weird but hey once again that's the new way and it was kinda fun! I want to stay on at my current job but be able to work from home when I want to and make extra money to support my fashion fetish and of course help support my "kids" in college. Haven't heard back from them yet, so keep your fingers crossed.

So that's not that big of a deal as far as "New Beginnings" go but the next thing I did the day before my online interview was to chop the hair off! I have always admired women who could wear their hair short and sassy but never had the nerve to do it, so when I scheduled my regular appointment to cover my silver tinsel in my hair I began looking at pics on the internet of short hair styles. Well of course I found pics I loved, but could I, would I? actually do it??? I printed out the best and looked over them for what? a day? yep and decided okay maybe if I have the guts when I show up to my appointment I'll get the cut. I took an old pic of Sharon Stone who in the pic is about my age, similar face structure and thought I could pull this off right????
 Then  my 19 yr. old daughter chimes in and DARES me to do it! She says," You never follow through on what you say you want, you wont do it, you'll chicken out." As I walk out the door she leaves me with," Oh, if you don't do it, I wont talk to you when you come home." I should have taken that as a  semi blessing of no asking for this and that and rambling on for hours about her future.
YOLO, was my mantra, and YOLO I got! Sat in that chair for 3 hours, tinsel covered, over highlighted tresses, and a WAY chopped up head of hair. I looked in the mirror and thought, Oh shit, I look like my wait...more like Rod Stewart what the heck did I just do?
So I came home and my daughter gasped in disbelief that I went through it and said she just loved it! That it took years off my face...That was my daughter's thoughts, but I never even said anything to my husband, and he was coming home in a few hours from a 4-day business trip, and boy was he in for a surprise!
If I could have taken a picture of his expression...his jawed dropped (which I wasn't sure if that was good or bad) and just ran over and put his arms around me and picked me up off the ground and said he just loved it!
I still am not sure how comfortable I am in my new look, we take so much of our confidence in our appearance that you have to get used to this new person you are seeing in the mirror, it can change the way you dress, accessorize, walk, feel..... But I have always said, "Work it girl till you believe it."
The one thing I do have to say, is it is only hair, and take chances...maybe the "change" will be the start of "New beginnings", and heck...You only live once!

                                                                My Inspiration

The New Me!!!!

                                     xoxo Mari

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hiatus is over...Let's do some Face time!

So when I say "hiatus is over" that means I finally have a working computer! I have a mini ipad, two other lap tops, and my daughter's mac book... all did an "86" almost simultaneous this week which left me...yep with out access to emails, blogging, twitter, facebook and the news! Felt completely disconnected to the outside social world.... but I am BAAAACCCCCK. Sorta, hahaha... mini ipad, still disabled, and one lap top still on the Fritz but I have the mac book!... so here I am.

So let's talk face time... on the heels of 50 (no pun intended) I have noticed that when I look in the mirror, there is someone else looking back...who is she? I see a resemblance of the girl I used to know, that I would critique even at 20, 30 and 40 years old, but in my later forties and at the beginning of a new generation, someone a bit different. Do you remember when you really noticed a difference, when the sagging around the jowls started, when the lids of your eyes started to droop, when the laugh lines around your mouth became  a permanent fixture to your face??? The list goes on. I'm not gonna lie, I'm vain, when it comes to my face, I see my youth fading away slowly but I feel more youthful inside than ever. Yet,standing side by side to my young 19 year old daughter whose skin is supple, and her eyes are bright and wrinkle free and I see what I used to be. I took for granite I would always be that girl, so it's  hard to have a daily reminder that I no longer possess those attributes. The saying you should be proud of your life lines, they are "earned", well that is a crock of shit. Sorry, but the only way I could live with that saying is if I had post-it notes next to each of my "earned" lines. Each would state it's reward, such as the frown lines between my eyes would state, "Lines earned from worry, wondering if kids will be safe while driving, will they be okay when they move away, will they be happy full filled adults, will my husband have a safe business trip, will the back yard ever get a make over, can we afford to paint the house"? the list goes on forever... Oh and the lines around my eyes would state that, "These lines are earned from squinting because I can no longer see the print in magazines, newspapers etc, without squinting and I do not like wearing glasses, I am in denial."  The only lines I feel I have earned are the laugh lines... I do believe in smiling and laughing a lot. Life is too short not to make the most of what ever you are doing and I pride myself in making sure those around me are happy, so that post it would be a worthy one fo sho!
So, the vain woman that I am, has spent at least a year of college tuition over the past decade...yep  that could have gone towards one of my kids tuition's, or a really amazing vacation with a new wardrobe to boot or a new car, but NOOOOOO, I have spent it on my FACE! And while many anti-aging concoctions have worked in the short term, I am always looking for the miracle potion to bring me back to my youth.
I have not tried the fillers or botox, I am so afraid of looking like a deer in head lights or the lips that look like you inflated them with  a tire pump,  that my husband wouldn't recognize me and that I'd  feel worse off than before, so  I  will keep it on the side lines for now.
This is all probably a bit over exaggerated, I still am young and vibrant and know I am just hard on myself, for I believe most of us feel we are compared to those who have done the face lifts, botox and fillers that we look older and less attractive than our peers that we are some how diminished in societies eyes as not being as attractive. If we all would be in the same "playing" field  so to speak I think my view point on myself would be less harsh, but these are the times. In my mom's generation, you never heard of botox... everyone was the same, only difference is whether you were gifted with some good genes.
So at this point in my life I will try and be more gentle to the face in the mirror, cut her some slack, look beyond the post it notes and just know that while I may have "earned" these life lines, I am more than just a face, I am a wife, mother, sister, friend who will no doubt be awarded with more lines, but it just goes to show...I'm loving my life.

xoxo Mari


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gettin my Mojo in Steinbeck Country...

Almost every day I am graced by the amazing rolling hills just a few miles away that have miles upon miles of dirt paths in which to explore and self reflect. I am always in awe of where I live and never take it for granite. I run in the hills for which John Steinbeck used as his muse in many of his books such as Pastures of Heaven and East of Eden, of Salinas, California., where he himself grew up.

I know a lot of runners do a lot of thinking on their runs, go thru their mental check list for the day, solve many problems etc. For me? I do the same, yet I also remember to stay connected with my surroundings, breathing in the fresh smells of the country side and watching as the sun moves across the hills and sets for the day. There are a few times a year that a sheep herder will guide the sheep where I run. They work feverishly feeding on the grass and taking space along the rolling paths, it is the most incredible feeling to be able to run amongst the sheep, I always feel like I am in another country it is so peaceful and takes you back to the real grass roots of our what is important in life and that there is so much going on around us that goes unnoticed. I feel a sense of Zen as I run and I seem to effortlessly float across the paths and a sense of connection with the universe. It is almost magical and the great thing about it? I get my mojo on AND a great work out!
Thanks Steinbeck for sharing the beauty that surrounds me every morning!

xoxo Mari

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Staple...the "And Then Some" staple...

Okay, so don't just a over 40 on this one...actually I'm on the cusp of 50 but whose tellin? Listen, I believe every one has an alter ego that they bring out every once in a while, well, this "staple" is just alter ego. I am such a classic type dresser. just ask my 19 year daughter. I do love a classic with a twist but I tend to stay in the classic arena of choice. I have always, and I mean always admired Audrey Hepburn, she is my idol and I tend to not steer to far in her shadow. But, I do have the other side of me that longs for the rebel to come out and play! I just have to be very cautious on how it is perceived.
I was fortunate enough to go to the Met Museum this summer on a mother/daughter trip and we could not wait to see the 'Punk: Chaos To Couture' Exhibit. Can I say, that made our trip, like no, really I could have died right there and all would have been great. OMG, the outfits where so jaw-dropping amazing that I was left utterly speechless( which never happens). I yearned to be anyone of those designers; Alexander McQueen, Mocshino, Dior, Channel etc. What I would give to create those masterpieces is unsurpassed by the  desire to BE one of them. I appreciate talent as theirs, to take on a rebirth of the 70's from Vivienne Westwood's collaboration with the Sex Pistols and other Punk musician at the time to construct a kinda D.I.Y. creations. I wanted to take all the pieces home, I sincerely did. I never knew I had a deep connection with this era, but I have always wanted to look different, yet refined than those around me. I mean barring wearing a

lot of spikes and nose rings etc., i really don't mind all the safety pin closures, and metal embellishments.

I really wanted to come home, and I did/have looked into designing an Urban/Edgy line ...but that will be saved for another day... I get so side track. I have a pic of myself in my conservative look and my inspirations for the look. I hope you enjoy...

                                                                My Inspirations

My Interpretation

Okay so its conservative... I know...believe me I would like to walk around with safety pin closures, but you all would definitely judge me!

Dress by Kensie, boots by Zara, tights by Anthropologie

xoxo Mari

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Fashion Staples...and then some...the vested interest

So the vest has been in for centuries, as far back as the 17th century England with the reign of Charles II. The sleeveless garment that is worn over some type of shirt has increased in popularity ever since. At times, men’s vests were considered an indispensable part of men's wardrobes making both a style statement and providing functionality. Then at the turn of the 20th Century men's vest played a major role in business suits and formal wear.
Well what does this have to do with you, you ask? Well I'm gonna tell you...we women have taken a lot of men's wear and turned into major fashion statements over the past century, and this season with a comeback to a more masculine concept, vests play a role once again.
They are shown in many shapes, sizes, colors, textures and worn in a varietal of ways. long and fury to cozy up in, light weight versions as an accent, vest trench coats as a fashion statement...the list goes on. Have fun with it, take a vested interest this season and one to your closet...
I chose to pair my sweater vest with denim and gave it an edgy twist with
leather pants and then softened it with mules.
My Inspiration

Sweater vest and leather pants by Urban Outfitter, denim shirt by
Anthropologie, belt by Target and Mules by Caruso
xoxo Mari

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Fashion Staple and then some....Staple 3: Black and White

Class, Elegance and ready to roll is what black and white bring to our closets. It just shouts "Smart".
I don't know anyone that doesn't' own several inter changeable black and white outfits that they just feel pulled together in every time they wear it. For some it becomes their uniform for others it is their "safe" outfit of choice when they can't seem to make a decision on what to wear.
I just love to wear all black or all white or mix it up, then just add a splash of color either with accessories, stilettos or a purse. You just look amazing! So this season and the next and the next black and white in some sort of version will always be at least you know you have something in your closet that you can wear, just buy the new trend colors for the season like this season for example you could splash a really amazing Kate Spade clutch in a pop of orange, or a scarf or
 with a cardi and viola, your in girl! You can go glam, you can go retro, you can go trendy, you can go call it.
No matter what you do, stay true to you... You will always dazzle if your rockin your look cuz you feel amazing in it.

My Inspiration

Cardigan, blouse, earring by Anthropologie, pants, belt by J. Crew,
 necklace- personal vintage gold watch, sunglasses by Prada
xoxo Mari

Fashion Fall Staples and then some...Staple 2: LEATHER

Whewhoo! I love leather and love the fact that it never really goes out of style, but this season? Its BIG! So for us over 40 or on the cusp of 50...Leather can be tricky if not worn correctly. Its fine to wear a leather skirt, not a mini one, a pencil or A-line that hits just above or below the knee is perfect. And lets no pair it with spiked embellished heels unless you are going in costume, keep it classy, let the skirt do the talking, no need to shout out that you are in the room, believe me, people will notice you. Leather pants? great too, just don't do the whole biker look unless you are with the Hell's Angels and don't mind wondering if you are in a serious mid-life crisis. Again, keep it simple, soften up your look with lace, silk or a really nice cashmere sweater. I still love to feel young, cause gosh darn it, I'm going down with a fight. Age is a number, don't you forget it, live life to the fullest and add some zest to it, like some leather!

                                                                   My Inspiration

Jacket and pants by Urban Outfitters, blouse, necklace and belt by J. Crew, shoes by Caurso and earrings by Anthropologie.
                                     xoxo Mari