Fitness/Diet this is my first entry for Fitness & Diet! Wow!
So... where do I start? Hahaha.. well, I am a fanatic runner... I run almost EVERY day, sometimes I do just that! I also, walk (more like run around) a lot at work, which is great since I am one with an unlimited amount of energy during the day! I run in the hills which I then solve all my problems for the day, or think of my to do list, or what I am going to wear today or for the event etc. I get so much done on these runs its incredible! I burn off what I ate the night before, I have my wardrobe done, my to-do list, done and any other stressors...done!
I am not a morning eater, I usually need something to eat around 11am-1 pm which I'l eat some kind of protein and make an energy drink. Yes, I do take I am covered there! I just LOVE dinner! its my fav! And boy can I eat! I love Mexican food, Italian Food, Panini's and really good salads. I really try and eat more on the protein spectrum than the fat spectrum. I have turkey Italian sausage over pork, I will eat tacos over enchiladas etc.
My daughter  got started on the Paleo diet, which was fine, except it was two different menus and the cost of groceries was crazy, sooooo of course she won, and we all started on the same diet. I still adhere to it for the most part, no sugar so to speak (except for an occasional baklava or yogurt at MYOS), no dairy,(except some cheese on my "low fat" turkey taco meat nachos) and flour, like breads etc. (except the tortilla chips for the nachos) so as you can see, I am on a Paleo Diet! Hahaha!
I do love the recipes I have for some Paleo menus which I will share eventually!
My real down fall???? I like margaritas on occasion, my beer nightly and some chardonnay. So am I bad? I don't know... hey, you only live once and if you are fit and I am horizontal and not vertical then I think I'm doing okay!
I really am a good eater, I sound like sooooo bad, but truly I'm not!  Once I share some recipes and such you'll see!
Like tonight...I am making Barillo Plus penne pasta, with fresh basil, garlic, roma tomatoes, red onions and fresh arugula/spinach over the top in a wine/olive oil sauce! No bread, nada..just a glass of vino! Yummy...I'm hungry now! But I did go on a run this morning and will go on a hour and a half walk with my daughter so I'm good for it!

Ciao!             xoxo Mari

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