Monday, January 20, 2014

The Year of New Beginnings!

So my New Year's resolution was to make 2014 the year of "New Beginnings", and wow it is just what? 19 days in and I have started off strong!
First, I applied to an on-line Fashion Stylist position, which by the way is so incredible, sooooo the direction fashion and technology are going so I applied of course. Had a one-way interview which I just saw my face on the computer answering  questions for the interview....felt really weird but hey once again that's the new way and it was kinda fun! I want to stay on at my current job but be able to work from home when I want to and make extra money to support my fashion fetish and of course help support my "kids" in college. Haven't heard back from them yet, so keep your fingers crossed.

So that's not that big of a deal as far as "New Beginnings" go but the next thing I did the day before my online interview was to chop the hair off! I have always admired women who could wear their hair short and sassy but never had the nerve to do it, so when I scheduled my regular appointment to cover my silver tinsel in my hair I began looking at pics on the internet of short hair styles. Well of course I found pics I loved, but could I, would I? actually do it??? I printed out the best and looked over them for what? a day? yep and decided okay maybe if I have the guts when I show up to my appointment I'll get the cut. I took an old pic of Sharon Stone who in the pic is about my age, similar face structure and thought I could pull this off right????
 Then  my 19 yr. old daughter chimes in and DARES me to do it! She says," You never follow through on what you say you want, you wont do it, you'll chicken out." As I walk out the door she leaves me with," Oh, if you don't do it, I wont talk to you when you come home." I should have taken that as a  semi blessing of no asking for this and that and rambling on for hours about her future.
YOLO, was my mantra, and YOLO I got! Sat in that chair for 3 hours, tinsel covered, over highlighted tresses, and a WAY chopped up head of hair. I looked in the mirror and thought, Oh shit, I look like my wait...more like Rod Stewart what the heck did I just do?
So I came home and my daughter gasped in disbelief that I went through it and said she just loved it! That it took years off my face...That was my daughter's thoughts, but I never even said anything to my husband, and he was coming home in a few hours from a 4-day business trip, and boy was he in for a surprise!
If I could have taken a picture of his expression...his jawed dropped (which I wasn't sure if that was good or bad) and just ran over and put his arms around me and picked me up off the ground and said he just loved it!
I still am not sure how comfortable I am in my new look, we take so much of our confidence in our appearance that you have to get used to this new person you are seeing in the mirror, it can change the way you dress, accessorize, walk, feel..... But I have always said, "Work it girl till you believe it."
The one thing I do have to say, is it is only hair, and take chances...maybe the "change" will be the start of "New beginnings", and heck...You only live once!

                                                                My Inspiration

The New Me!!!!

                                     xoxo Mari